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"When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go"

Proudly represented by Kreativ Artists 


-Carol Burnette

White Brick Wall

Hi! I'm Loretta, and I am mixed bag of things so let's just get them all out there on the table; Bi-coastal Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Comedian, Improvisor, Dog Mom, ex-Emo kid, Pop-Punk enthusiast, and -most importantly- a walking Titanic encyclopedia since age 6 (1912, not 1997).


My story begins in the land of

"Hot-dish" & "You betcha"- Minnesota.  I have proudly built my professional career around where I am from, where I have been, and where I am going. 


In 2013 I earned my BFA from the recently dissolved SFA at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Gotta love the fund cutting from the arts- huh? Anyways, I started my professional journey in the Twin Cities where I began performing & choreographing various productions with: Minneapolis Musical Theatre, Renegade Theatre Company, MN Fringe Fest, Play Inc., & HUGE Improv.



Who is


Feeling a hunger for more education & student debt, I decided to move South, you know, somewhere warmer like... Chicago! What brought me there you ask? Al's Beef of course! (I mean I did say I was hungry...) Alright alright, enough goofin'- it was studying Improv & Sketch Writing at The Second City. Did I learn anything? You tell me. I spent my time in Chicago hanging out in dive bars we called "performance spaces" with the rest of the improv scene and sometimes actually performed. Just kidding, we all worked very hard, barely slept, and used all of our own serving job earned money to put on some great shows at: The Second City (Staff Show, Coached Ensemble, Writing Showcase), The Playground Theatre, The Corn Theatre, The Annoyance and Gorilla Tango. Chicago was a blast where I made so many of my lifelong friends and creative partners that I look forward to working with again.  

My next adventure started when I moved to New York City in 2016.  During my time there, I did some very cool non-actor related things that have actually helped me become a better human and therefore, a better actor. I've not only sharpened the skills of my craft and built up credits, but I picked up new skills like; axe throwing, finding the perfect cup of $1 coffee, ordering a BEC (bacon, egg, & cheese for you non-NY folx) from my bodega guy, perfecting my blank subway stare into the void to not upset other riders, and bartending on Broadway.


That last one, bartending on Broadway, lead me to an 8 month Broadway run and into Bryan Cranston's arms. Truly, he picked me up like Punxsutawney Phil during one of our many staged pranks the cast played on/with him backstage. He was not only a trooper but became a real friend. All this happened during NETWORK, where I "played" the onstage waitress serving real audience members----Yes, during the performance. No, I did not break anything, I'm a professional and my aqua jumpsuit was fierce-- ask Cher, she saw it!

Let's get serious; I am very passionate about human rights issues, the current political climate, I stand in complete solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and I strongly support my LGBTQ+ friends & family. I believe in equal rights for all and I will continue to use my voice, my craft, and any platform I have in the future to tell stories that need to be told and to fight for justice. 

This Fall, my partner and I relocated to Los Angeles. When Covid-19 numbers go down, and Stay-at-Home orders are lifted, I look forward to whatever is waiting for me out here in Hollywood. I hope it's a job!

To turn "trash" in to treasure so that others can recognize potential in the imperfect parts of themselves.



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An Ode To The "I don't Know" Loretta Miller, Nate Urry, Richard M. Jr.
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Lyrics by Loretta Anne Miller | Music & Sound by Nate Urry and Richard Moyle Jr.

© 2020 Loretta Anne Miller.